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Natural pH Balance with Lemon and Pineapple

Did you know the fact that there is a connection between our body’s pH and many various diseases? Those that are aware of this fact try to maintain the natural pH balance of the body.

Having lower value of pH than what is considered to be healthy is very common situation because of the world we live in today. Becoming acidic is very easy. Becoming alkaline, on the other hand, requires proper healthy nutrition and diet and optimum pH value can be easily achieved and maintained.

If you are aware and know anything about natural pH balance in the human body, then you might know that if you are having a faulty regulation that might lead you to some fatal consequences and health conditions.

A very specific pH value is required by our body’s enzymes in order for them to work properly.

Natural pH Balance with Lemon and Pineapple

Any decreasing or increasing in the pH value is causing an improper enzyme work which leads to stopping some of the most important metabolic processes. If the natural pH value in your body is lower than normal, you have increased risk of getting osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

The alkalizing effect upon your body can be achieved by eating acidic fruits. This is very important thing to know about alkalizing – when you are consuming acidic food, not the initial acidity of the actual food is the one that counts, the food’s minerals are.

How to Reach Natural pH Balance

Try to consume lemon and pineapple juice, if you are trying to regain natural pH balance. When trying to achieve the perfect pH balance, these two juices can be quite helpful. Consume lemon and pineapple juices on a regular basis, and you will notice the difference.

Add them both in a glass of water, or you can drink them in a raw juice form. Another very important thing to remember is to avoid drinking carbonated water at any cost due to its acidifying effects on the human body.

Search and find recipes that will suit your taste, when it comes to drinking lemon and/or pineapple juice. Just make sure that you consume that kind of beverages on a regular basis.

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