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7 Amazing Nutmeg Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Nutmeg is one of the world’s popular spices whose applications are not only culinary but also medicinal. Yet, to know well nutmeg benefits, it is necessary that you have some basic understanding of nutmeg nutrition facts.

Even though the popularity of nutmeg is already on the global scale, it originated from islands close to Indonesia. Even the aroma of nutmeg can have some positive impacts on human health if we use it in the right way.

Nutmeg Nutrition Facts

Water does not play an important role in nutmeg nutrition. Instead, protein, fat, and dietary fiber are present in nutmeg with remarkable amounts.

Nutmeg is an extremely high calorie ingredient with 545 kcal per 100 grams of serving (1).

However, perhaps the most striking feature in nutmeg nutrition facts is its abundance of minerals and vitamins. Nutmeg is an excellent source of manganese and copper. Some other important minerals vary from magnesium to potassium.

In addition, nutmeg contains considerable and relative amounts of some vitamins, namely, A, C, B-complex…

nutmeg nutrition

Nutmeg Benefits and Uses

The addition of nutmeg, even in small amount, might give a strong booster for your well-beings. Here are top 7 nutmeg benefits that will completely change your mind about this little seed.

1. Insomnia

One of the traditional nutmeg benefits is to support your sleep quality.

In other words, nutmeg participates actively in the treatment for insomnia. Containing a great amount of magnesium that has positive influence on reducing nerve tension, nutmeg is qualified to help you improve the sleep quality (2, 3, 4).

In addition, it also encourages our body to produce more serotonin which is responsible for relaxation and happy feeling (5).

Besides, narcotics in nutmeg stimulate the production of neurotransmitters. However, we should not take in an excessive amount of narcotics due to some possible complications.

2. Digestion

Even when nutmeg turns into the powder, its high amount of fiber still remains unchanged.

This is one of the reason why to strengthen the digestion is always among top nutmeg benefits. The fiber might enhance the peristaltic motion (6).

Besides, fiber is a stimulant for the production of gastric juices. This will help you stay away from a series of problems, like constipation, because a high intake of fiber guarantees smooth bowel movements (7).

3. Pain Relief

When digging deeper into nutmeg nutrition, scientists found a compound which has the same effects as menthol.

Therefore, they concluded that one of top health benefits of nutmeg is to relieve pain (8, 9, 10).

In fact, there are countless reasons for causing pain. However, in general, you can add nutmeg into your daily diet to get rid of painful feeling caused by strains, wounds or chronic inflammation. For example, people suffering from arthritis might find nutmeg extremely helpful.

4. Oral Health

Nutmeg can work as efficiently as other popular spices, such as turmeric, in the improvement of oral health. This is also one of the most popular benefits of nutmeg (11).

With antibacterial qualities that come from its nutrients, nutmeg can help you get rid of many problems, namely, bad breath. Undeniably, calcium which is present much in nutmeg plays an essential role in maintaining good condition of teeth and gums (12, 13).

Besides, other minerals, such as manganese, also contribute to your oral health. It is common to see many mouthwashes and toothpastes that possess nutmeg in their ingredients.

5. Improves Blood Count

It is the richness of minerals that constitutes benefits of nutmeg on your blood.

Working as a vasodilator, potassium can help your blood vessels relax, which means less pressure on the blood (14, 15).

As a result, your cardiovascular system will no longer suffer from strain. It also fosters your ability to absorb nutrients from daily foods. Furthermore, nutmeg might supply a sufficient amount of iron to help you prevent problems caused by its lack, namely, anemia (16).

6. Skin

Even though scientists have not defined the exact reason yet, it is highly possible that one of the best health benefits of nutmeg is to improve the skin condition.

Normally, people combine its powder with water or honey to get a wonderful paste to take care of their skin. With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, nutmeg will help you get a smooth and acne-free skin.

In addition, this mixture keeps your skin hydrated.

7. Brain Health

Last but not least, benefits of nutmeg on the brain do not seem to attract many people’s attention. This quality results from its various essential oils, such as macelignan or myristicin.

They are effective to fight against the neurodegeneration and many cognitive problems, such as dementia (17, 18).

Side Effects

For ages, people have made use of nutmeg for medicinal purposes. This proves that this ingredient is safe for almost all people to use.

Nevertheless, you should not underestimate its side effects.

There is a likelihood that accidental poisoning happens. As a consequence, there might be annoying problems. Besides, when you consume too much nutmeg at the same time, it might trigger vomiting or increase your heart beat abnormally.

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