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Health Benefits of Tangerine – Big Proportion of Health in Small Package

Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) is a citrus fruit similar to orange that peels easily. They belong to the family of Rutaceae and are cultivated mainly in the tropical forests of Southeast Asian provinces.

This fruit compared with other similar fruits is very small, but is equally powerful as orange, lemon and other fruits like it. Scientists say that it contains many antioxidants, many vitamins, minerals, protects against many diseases and according to some researches protects against liver and prostate cancer.

If you suffer from respiratory diseases, then drink more juice from tangerines. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, but also contains large amounts of phenylamine called synephrine. It is recommended to consume one cup of juice every morning, for cleaning of the bronchi from the accumulated mucus. Tangerine juice is an excellent remedy against asthma and bronchitis.

In 100g tangerines has 100 mg of vitamin C.  Also contains vitamins of B group, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium, which is credited for the good work of the heart.


Health Benefits of Tangerine Fruit

According to some researches tangerine is so powerful that is proven that can reduce the risk of cancer at people that are suffering from hepatitis. Tangerine has the power to replace up to 80% of the daily requirement of the body for vitamin C and vitamin A and for the usefulness of these two vitamins we have discussed many times. Tangerine is packed with antioxidants that are powerful guardian of all the cells in the body. Here are the other benefits of tangerines:

Helps with Skin Conditions and Aging – Tangerines are really good for skin owing to the presence of significant amount of vitamin C. Scientific studies have validated the role of Vitamin C in the synthesis of collagen, a structural component vital for the maintenance of healthy skin. Antioxidant properties of vitamin C present in tangerines helps in protecting the skin against the damage induced by UV radiations and helps in revitalizing the aging skin. Furthermore, it aids in reducing the formation of wrinkles, supports in repairing the damaged skin and assists in keeping the skin healthy and youthful.

Powerful Immune Booster – Consumption of citrus fruits such as tangerines helps in enhancing the disease fighting ability of the body and strengthens the immunity. Strong immune system aids in preventing the occurrence of a range of infections and helps reducing the severity of fatal diseases. This attributes to the abundance of vitamin C and other phytonutrients in tangerines which provides antioxidative protection against the damaging action of the oxygen free radicals produced during energy metabolism.

Cancer Prevention – Inclusion of citrus fruits like tangerines also helps in fighting various types of cancer. This owes to the presence of anti-cancer components such as vitamin C and powerful bioactive molecules such as limonoids and quercitin. Citrus fruits including tangerines also contain pectin which is another component that helps in protecting the body from developing multiple cancers.

Cardiovascular health – Tangeriness are good for heart owing to the presence of potassium mineral. Consumption of potassium rich tangeriness help in normalizing cardiac arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat and also assist in maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure and prevents hypertension. It even reduces the risk of fatal conditions such as stroke.

Improves Digestive Health – Tangerines are a good source of fiber which adds bulk to your stool and facilitates better digestion and keeps constipation at bay. Fiber content present in tangerine also aids in better absorption of nutrients from the food by slowing down the digestion process. Furthermore, potassium content present in tangerine fruit helps in normalizing muscle contraction and relaxation which stimulates better movement of food and waste through their respective routes.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, tangerines contain choline which is assists in healthy functioning of liver and help prevents the occurrence of liver diseases. As a source of calcium and potassium, tangerines help in reducing the risk of dental inflammation and avert tooth loss. Being a low-calorie fruit, tangerine makes an excellent supporter during weight loss attempts.

All the studies regarding to tangerine, show that it is especially powerful when it comes to hyperlipidemia, or increased amount of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. According to this, tangerine is particularly effective in the prevention from atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

This citrus fruit is good for different diets. They can quickly saturate you and reduce hunger. Therefore it is needlessly to emphasis that tangerines are great for your health and should be consumed as much as possible in larger quantities. They are sweet, light, delicious and so powerful…

Via: LiveStrong | StyleCraze

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