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8 Astonishing Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been around for ages, and is one of the most popular plants in the world. Many know that Aloe Vera is great for applying to the skin when it is burnt, however, there are so many other health benefits of Aloe Vera.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

1. Fights Heartburn – Did you know that Aloe Vera can be used to treat heartburn? Those that suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) will find that prescription drugs often mask the symptoms of heartburn.

While not every Aloe Vera plant is safe to consume, there are some Aloe Vera juices that are acceptable to drink that will help reduce any inflammation and soothe any irritation that heartburn brings.

2. Personal Lubricant – Aloe Vera is also a great personal lubricant. It helps to keep the body pH balanced and will ward off any bacteria or infections.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

3. Regulates Blood Sugar – Aloe Vera can be used to regulate blood sugar. One recent study found that just two tablespoons of aloe Vera juice a day can lower blood sugar levels. Aloe Vera is also very sweet so it can help to satisfy sweet cravings.

4. Relieves Constipation – Constipation can be relieved by using aloe Vera. Juice will help the colon retain water, which will stimulate movement in the lower intestine.

5. Treats Infections – Aloe Vera is wonderful to use for infection. It has antibacterial properties that will allow an infected cut to become healed. It is very soothing as well and will help to reduce scarring.

6. Skin Moisturizer – The skin can become moisturized when Aloe Vera is applied to the skin. Many different products on the market are made with chemicals, however, aloe Vera is all natural. It is a much more effective option than the lotions in the stores today and it is much safer. It can help to hydrate the skin, and is also very effective at eliminating acne.

7. Cleans the Teeth – Aloe Vera also works on the teeth by cleaning them. Aloe Vera is full of vitamin C, which will help to remove plaque on the teeth and get rid of bacteria that causes gum disease.

8. Preserves Food – Did you know that Aloe Vera also preserves food? One can apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera to fresh produce to help it from spoiling.

As you can see Aloe Vera is a miraculous plant that can help the body inside and out!

Via: MedicalNewsToday

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