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The Horrifying Fact about the Rice You Regularly Consume

More than half of the world considers rice to be one of their main foods. However, there is more to rice than what meets the eye. Unfortunately the truth behind rice is that it is a major source of arsenic which is an inorganic carcinogen. If you consume it on a regular basis, you may not want to know all of the truth but you need to.

Rice Has Dangerously 10x Inorganic Arsenic Than Other Foods!!

As a naturally occurring element in the environment, arsenic is everywhere and is present in foods such as vegetables and fruits even. However, it is extremely toxic to our bodies. Though fruits and vegetables have arsenic present in them, the way that rice absorbs this dangerous chemical is much different.

The reason for this is because it is a crop that is primarily planted when an area has been flooded. Due to the flooding, the inorganic arsenic is released and found in the minerals in the soil which then is soaked up by this grain.


What is really crazy to think is that it actually has ten times more inorganic arsenic present in it than any other foods. The arsenic has been soaked up through the minerals in the soil. When people consume this grain on a daily basis, they are exposed to those high arsenic levels every time they consume rice.

If this is something that occurs regularly, the high concentration can lead to a lot of health problems including diabetes, developmental issues, and heart disease. It may also lead to issues with the nervous system and contribute to cancer, especially lung and bladder cancers.

Kids are in a lot of Danger!

There is no denying it. Kids are in a lot of danger. While many youngsters first eat rice as one of their first solid foods because of the lowered amount of allergens, it is bland, and has a nice texture, babies eventually get ready to eat other types of foods besides rice. Unfortunately, these kids have already been exposed to dangerous levels of inorganic arsenic at such a young age which makes them just as susceptible to these cancer-causing agents as adults.

Another reason this is an issue for kids is because they have the tendency to eat a lot more as they are growing. Again, they are exposed more to arsenic than adults because it isn’t just regular rice that contains the arsenic. Consider all of the foods that children eat that include rice products such as biscuits, crackers, cereals, and others which also contain arsenic.

Though this sounds terrifying, you don’t necessarily have to throw out all of the rice you have. Instead, be more aware of where it was grown. The areas that have half as much arsenic in their rice than that which is grown in other areas is the white rice found in India, Pakistan, and California, as well as the sushi type found in the United States.

Brown rice has a lot more arsenic than the white one. Can you believe it has 80% more inorganic arsenic in it than white rice? The United States Rice Federation stands behind the safety of rice and that people should not worry because the benefits outweigh the risks even if a person is continuously exposed to rice that is filled with arsenic.

Source: Steth News

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