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The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Diet and Detoxification Program

Normal liver function is critical for maintaining good health. Irregular function of the liver is usually hidden cause for many diseases. The most common causes of irregular liver function is known to everyone as liver stones. Other causes are parasites that often affect the liver. Therefore, for proper function of the organism liver cleansing and detox is necessary.

To cleanse the liver of stones is very easy. There is a natural way of liver cleansing with the help of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and olive oil. For cleansing and detoxification you will need two days. Liver cleansing is recommended along with anti parasite program.

Three days before cleansing the liver, drink 1 liter of freshly squeezed apple juice per day.

Also, before liver cleansing it is necessary to cleanse the intestines (enema).

Ingredients needed for liver cleansing:

  • Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate) – 4 tablespoons
  • Extra virgin olive oil – 1.5 dl approx. 5 oz
  • Freshly squeezed juice of red grapefruit – 2dl approx. 6.7 oz

To cleanse and detoxify the liver select two free days when you do not have any responsibilities. On the day of the liver cleanse do not take any medications, vitamins and capsules.

Time is a very important factor for success. Do not be late or urinate more than 10-15 minutes.

liver cleansing diet

Liver Cleansing and Detoxification Program

Morning Low-fat breakfast: fruit, cereal, bread, honey. Do not consume any fat: oil, butter, cheese, cream or milk.
Noon Low-fat lunch: baked or steamed potatoes and other vegetables (with salt, but without oil), bread, fruit. Do not eat anything greasy. Drink water because after 14:00 consuming fluids is not allowed.
14:00 Do not eat or drink after 14:00 pm. If you break this rule, later you can feel nausea.
After 14:00 Mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts with 6 dl (20.2 oz) of water. Divide this mixture into four parts and store it in the fridge, so that you can easily drink it.
16:00 Drink the first quarter of the Epsom salt mixture. After that, you can rinse your mouth with water. Put the olive oil and the grapefruit on the table so that they can warm up to room temperature.
20:00 Drink the second quarter of the Epsom salt mixture.
21:30 Complete all the activities and get ready for bed.
21:45 Prepare a mixture for cleansing of the liver.Remove the pulp and seeds from the grapefruit juice. Pour the olive oil in a container that can be closed and add the grapefruit juice.

Close the container tightly and shake the mixture well. If you need, visit the bathroom one or more times, even if you are late on your drink at 22:00. Do not be delayed more than 15 minutes.

22:00 Now you need to consume the olive oil and grapefruit drink you have prepared. Consume it in standing position, in 5 minutes (10 min for elderly and weak people). After you consume the mixture, immediately lie down. If you do not lie down you can block the paths and the liver stones will not be discarded. Lie on your back or you can lie on the left side. It would be good to put on the liver area, hot water bottle.Try to be completely peaceful for at least 20 minutes. Think of it, what is now happening in your liver. Maybe you will feel the liver stones how they travel through the channels like marbles.

You will not feel any pain, because thanks to the Epsom salt, the channels are open.

Try to sleep. At night you lie as much as you can on the left side. Do not get out of bed at any cause.

The next morning
(after 6:00)
After waking up (not before 6:00), drink the third quarter of the Epsom salt potion. If you experience nausea, wait for it to pass and then drink the mixture. Go back to bed.
2 hours later Drink the last dose of Epsom salt mixture. Go back to bed.
2 hours later You can start eating. Start with fruit juice. Half an hour later eat some fruit. An hour after that you can eat light food. By the time for supper you should feel recovered.

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