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Types of Headaches That Could Be Fatal!

Headaches are a regular part of our lives. They are one of the most frequent types of pain a person experiences in life and most often are nothing to be worried about. But even if you have frequent headaches and you think they’re nothing to worry about, not all headaches are harmless.

There are some symptoms which might indicate you have some serious health conditions and you should see a doctor. If you experience headaches which are severe, persistent or accompanied with vomiting and/or confusion your body is sending signals that something is off. Here we’ve listed the 4 types of headaches which are the most indicative of a more serious condition.

Types Of Headaches That Could Be Fatal

Types of Headaches That Could Be Fatal

Headaches dubbed “The worst headache in your life”

If you’ve had your fair share of headaches in life you must know that pain in the upper neck and head if the most common pain caused by various things. But for a headache to be “The worst headache in your life”, as doctors described it, it has to be linked to a subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. If your headache usually comes when you’re lying still and is accompanied with a stiff neck, vomiting, confusion and light intolerance you should consult a doctor.

Usually the first headache is just a warning sign and the first bleed is not life-threatening if you seek medical help right away. The aneurysm will be caught immediately and can be removed surgically, if you act fast. But if you chose to ignore the symptoms, the second time it could have fatal consequences.

Headaches which act up in the mornings

If you’ve noticed that your headaches are unbearable in the morning but slowly improve during the day, or after you’ve vomited but gets worse after some physical activity it may indicate you have a brain tumor. These types of headaches don’t improve with usual medication;s. Still, doctors reveal that only about 8% or all patients who suffer from brain tumors have listed headaches as the first and only symptoms.

The most usual symptoms of brain tumors are altered mental status and seizures. These types of headaches are more usually indicative of metastatic brain tumors, not so much of primary brain tumors. But if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms it’s best if you seek medical advice to see what the underlying cause is.

Abrupt severe headaches

Headaches which start abruptly, immediately intensifies and seems that it’s without a cause should get you worried. Especially if right afterwards you start losing feeling in one side of your body, the face, arm or leg it may mean you’ve suffered a stroke. Some other symptoms which may accompany the headache and are a clear indicator of a stroke are sudden confusion, speaking and understanding difficulties, vision problems with just one eye, feeling dizzy and unstable etc. If you are experiencing this kind of headache you must seek medical help instantly, because you may be at risk for a stroke.

Severe headaches, stiff neck and fever

Headaches can also be indicative of meningitis, but only if it’s accompanied with the following symptoms: elevated temperature, stiff neck, vomiting and nausea. Meningitis is a serious inflammation of the membranes around the spinal cord and brain and can be life-threatening. Some other symptoms may include feeling confused, sleepy, light sensitive, losing appetite and seizure. In certain cases even a skin rash may appear. This condition is very serious and if left untreated it can have fatal consequences, so you’re advised to see your doctor instantly if you have these symptoms.

If you recognize your symptoms in one of these types of headaches do not ignore it, immediately see a doctor and find out what’s causing it. Early detection and treatment is of utmost importance in every disease, so stay alert.

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