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Category: Health

What is Narcolepsy

What is Narcolepsy? Diagnosis, Types and Degrees

Narcolepsy, also known as Gelineau syndrome, is a rare disorder that has different types and degrees of presentation. It makes people fall asleep unexpectedly and affects approximately 0.1% of the world’s population. The term narcolepsy …
Remedies for Migraine in Children

4 Home Remedies for Migraine in Children

Some natural remedies help ease migraine symptoms in children. According to information published in the Migraine Research Foundation, this condition affects up to 10% of school-age children. In addition, it’s as disabling as the migraine …
Health Benefits of Cardamom

5 Proven Health Benefits of Cardamom

The benefits of cardamom have been documented for hundreds of years. However, it wasn’t until a short time ago that scientific research vouched for these claims. The use of cardamom as a spice is common …
Digestive System Diseases

4 Most Common Digestive System Diseases

There are digestive system diseases that appear and disappear on their own, almost as if they were temporary symptoms. For example, some food poisonings tend to appear for 24 hours and then disappear. However, there …