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Category: Health

Food Sources of Vitamin B

The Best Food Sources of Vitamin B

You may have heard that vitamin B is very important for the human body. But do you actually know what the different vitamins are that comprise this group? Do you know what are the best …
Brown Vaginal Discharge

Brown Vaginal Discharge: What Does it Mean?

Although brown vaginal discharge isn’t the most common form of vaginal secretions, it isn’t rare. However, its existence doesn’t mean that a woman is suffering from a disease. Often, brown vaginal discharge is part of …
What are Gene Mutations

What are Gene Mutations? Definition, Types & Facts

Gene mutations are changes that occur in a person’s genotype. A genotype is a person’s genetic information, which is located in each person’s DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA contains a person’s hereditary material. When the …
Do Vitamins Provide Energy

Do Vitamins Provide Energy?

Vitamins are essential micronutrients that participate in a multitude of metabolic processes and which can provide energy. It’s necessary to guarantee their intake since a deficit can propitiate the appearance of diseases. Furthermore, they’re directly …