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Category: Health

Treat Insulin Shock

5 Options to Prevent and Treat Insulin Shock

Insulin shock, medically known as severe hypoglycemia, is a condition that may affect individuals with diabetes. It is considered a medical emergency, and urgent treatment is required. Insulin shock occurs when a patient has too …
How to Prevent and Treat Hepatitis E

How to Prevent and Treat Hepatitis E Naturally

Hepatitis E is a severe liver disease caused by thehepatitis E virus (HEV). Hepatitis E virus is among the five known hepatitisviruses that cause various health problems to humans, including liver failure. The HEV virus …
How To Treat Hypothermia

5 Simple Ways to Treat Hypothermia Naturally

Hypothermia is the medical term for abnormally low body temperature. This condition is diagnosed if a patient’s temperature is lower than ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit (thirty-five degrees Celsius). Hypothermia can occur in individuals of any age …
Treat Prediabetes Naturally

5 Simple Ways to Treat Prediabetes Naturally

A recommendation from the American Diabetes Association says all adults aged forty-five or older should have a blood glucose screening every year, though this may need to be done more frequently if an individual has …
Insulin Resistance

5 Ways to Help You Treat Insulin Resistance Naturally

  One out of three Americans will develop insulin resistance,a prediabetic condition that decreases the body’s ability to utilize the hormone insulin, resulting in chronically elevated blood sugars. Insulin resistance can occur as a result …