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Category: Recipes

Prepare your own cancer-fighting salad

Prepare Your Own Cancer-Fighting Salad

Reduce the risk of cancer, by making cancer-fighting salad upon your taste. The easiest and non expensive way to fight against cancer is just by eating a healthy food. Pick and choose some of the …
strawbery almond milk smoothie

Strawberry, Banana & Almond Milk Smoothie

Smoothies are a beautiful way to start the day. Consuming smoothies is much more filling than the juices, also smoothies leave you feeling bursting with goodness and energy in the morning. And what is more …
banana drink recipes

3 Banana Drink Recipes that Burn Fat

Contrary to the notion that bananas should be avoided when you are on weight loss program, it is one of the most desirable ingredients of the diet drinks if you want to lose weight. Thanks …