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Chronic Lower Back Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

We usually associate it with bad posture, but chronic lower back pain has many other possible causes you should consider if you want to fix the problem before it gets worse.

Chronic lower back pain is common in both men and women, and is becoming more common in people of all ages, even young people.

This problem can interfere with your quality of life, since it affects all kinds of activities in your daily routine.

Discover what the different causes of chronic lower back pain are, as well as the treatments and natural remedies to treat each case.

What is your lower back?

Your lower back is the bottom part of your back at the base of your spinal column, or sacrum. It has a natural curve that is called lordosis if overly shapely.

Pain in your lower back may be associated with muscular or vertebrae issues.

However, it could also reflect improper functioning of certain organs, like your kidneys or intestines.

Chronic Lower Back Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

While bad posture sometimes is the origin of the pain, other times emotional issues are another determining factor.

1. Kidney problems

If you want to know if your lower back pain is related to your kidneys, place the palms of both your hands onto the small of your back. The spot where your thumbs are approximately where your kidneys are located.

If you squeeze and it hurts, you may need a natural treatment to reduce inflammation in the organ.

  • You could try onion broth or dandelion and burdock tea for several days over the course of the day until your lower back pain is relieved.

2. Sensitivity to the cold and humidity

Some people, due to metabolic disorders or other reasons, are very sensitive to the cold and humidity, especially sudden changes.

Your lower back is one of the parts of your body that is most vulnerable to factors like this, along with your joints.

  • Protect the area by wrapping a wool cloth around you like a band. This fabric is excellent at insulating you from outside temperatures while helping with the pain and making you feel better.

3. Bad posture

If you watch fashion models, you’ll notice that they tend to arch their backs a lot, forcing their lower back forward in an unhealthy way.

This bad posture is the reason for many people’s back pain, both in adults and very young people. It’s also common in pregnant women due to the weight of their belly.

  • To fix bad posture, do exercises that reteach your body good posture and give your spinal column a good stretch.
  • Inversion therapy is also very helpful (although not recommended for pregnant women).

4. Intestinal disorders

Intestinal issues like constipation, diarrhea, or both can manifest in in the lower back area.

You can use natural medicine to address the problem:

  • Constipation: chia seeds and linseed, probiotic supplements, raw, fiber-rich fruit and vegetables, and plenty of water between meals.
  • Diarrhea: Green tea, white rice, charcoal supplements, and probiotics.
  • Alternating between the two: Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, kudzu, chia seeds.

5. Emotional issues

Emotional issues can directly affect your lower back. Specifically speaking, this area of your body is often linked to your fears, especially with financial difficulties.

In order to treat the pain from this perspective, see a professional therapist who can give you personalized treatment based on Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, and herbal medicine, etc.

6. Injury

Lastly, one very common reason for lower back pain is injury from exercise, an accident, or moving improperly.

These injuries should always be treated properly and right away so as to prevent chronic pain.

Besides going to the doctor and getting the relevant tests done, you can also take some supplements to speed up healing:

  • A homeopathic Arnica remedy
  • Organic liquid silicon
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Shark cartilage

Right after the injury, you should apply ice to calm the inflammation. Later, applying local heat with a pad, hot water bottle, or cream will be much more effective.

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