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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya, is definitely one of the fruits that have the most unusual appearance. Even though in the past this fruit was available only in Asia, people today can find it in almost every grocery store. There are many people who are attracted to its interesting flavor while others are great fan of the distinctive pink color.

However, only a small number of people know that this odd-looking fruit comes with numerous health benefits too. In case you wait for this fruit to ripe (this happens when the green parts of the fruit turn brown), the fruit will taste very similar to marshmallow kiwi.

Amazingly sweet and tasty and relatively unknown, this exotic fruit is something that each of us should try and eat it regularly if possible. Dragon fruit is tasty and beneficial when it is taken alone, but in some cases the health benefits are boosted when it is used together with fruits like pineapples or kiwi fruits. Feel free to use it in your smoothie.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

1. Cancer

A few studies have shown that dragon fruit is packed with unique antioxidants like phyto albumins (most of them are found in dragon fruit seeds) and these antioxidants have the ability to prevent the negative activities of free radicals, compounds linked to cancer.

In addition, this fruit is rich in vitamin C and this vitamin can inhibit the growth of tumors and boost the energy levels of people dealing with different types of cancer (it can ease the symptoms and signs like pain, vomiting, fatigue, lack of appetite and nausea).

This exotic fruit supports the body’s effort to eliminate toxins and heavy metals which is another cause of cancer.

dragon fruit

2. Cardiovascular

Dragon fruit seeds are loaded with polyunsaturated fatty acids, mostly omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are quite healthy and they stabilize the levels of triglycerides and reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease among other things. This fruit is also a rich source of vitamin B3 and this vitamin has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels and boost good cholesterol levels.

In addition, this tasty fruit can also reduce oxidative stress and this stress is known as a trigger of cardiovascular disease.

3. Metabolism and Digestion

Studies have confirmed that dragon fruit is rich in fiber. This means that after taking just 2 or 3 dragon fruits you will feel sated for many hours. Many people can’t believe this because this fruit is very small, but it’s true. Dragon fruit fiber content aids the regulation of digestive processes and keeps us safe from diarrhea and constipation. If you don’t feel hungry for a few hours after consumption of dragon fruits, this means that dragon fruit is good for losing weight too.

In addition to the prolonged feeling of satiety that dragon fruit provides, you will also have a chance to boost metabolic rate. This incredible fruit aids the stabilization of blood sugar levels and prevents the well-known sugar cravings that modern people feel because they consume a lot of processed sugary products like cookies, cakes and donuts.

4. Immune System

The immune system can benefit from dragon fruit consumption too because this interesting fruit is rich in vitamin B3, B2, B1, A, iron, calcium, niacin, phosphorus, protein and fiber. The immune system begins in the digestive tract and as previously mentioned, dragon fruit is excellent for maintenance of healthy gastrointestinal tract. If you take a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins each day, you will be safe from infections, flu, common cold and other similar ailments.

In addition, the antioxidants found in dragon fruit are able to combat viruses and bacteria that are already in our body. Dragon fruit consists of 80% water content and this is why this fruit is efficient when it comes to detoxification. Accumulation of toxins leads to different types of illnesses and diseases.

5. Vision

If you want to enhance your eyesight, you can count on dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is packed with vitamin A and in this case, vitamin A comes as a carotene. Carotene is required by the eye’s retina for color vision and low-light environment vision. Eye problems like night blindness, macular degeneration and other similar issues are a direct result of lack of vitamin A.

6. Nervous System

Dragon fruit contains significant amount of vitamin B and this means that it has the ability to aid the creation and maintenance of certain important structures in our nervous system. For instance, it aids the creation of nerve cells and keeps us prepared and on top of that, removes any signs of mental fog.

Dragon fruit also has calcium which is one of the most important minerals for the proper work of our nervous system. This mineral maintains the health of our nerves and makes sure that their communication is uninterrupted. Dragon fruit’s healthy fats preserve the myelin sheath and ensure adequate brain signaling.

7. Healthy Teeth and Bones

Due to the fact that dragon fruit is packed with phosphorus and calcium we can freely say that this food is great for the teeth and bones and in addition, it supports proper tissue repair and creation. Phosphorus and calcium work closely to improve the health of our teeth and bones and this is the reason why many experts advise the use of dragon fruit when people want to protect themselves against osteoporosis and brittle bones.

The joint effects of these two elements suggest that using just calcium supplement is not as effective as eating ripe dragon fruit. Finally, don’t forget that these two elements are necessary for getting suitable bone mass.

8. Radiant Skin

Dragon fruit seeds are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats. Several scientific studies have confirmed that these fats have positive impact on the texture and appearance of human skin. The fact is that almost every fruit is rich in antioxidants and dragon fruit is not an exception. In other words, if you follow a diet based on plants you will be able to eliminate free radicals and rejuvenate your skin. Additionally, your skin will be more flexible, tighter and radiant.

9. Anti-Aging

Replace the costly anti-aging creams with one relatively cheap and delicious treat – dragon fruit. These fruits are packed with minerals and vitamins and antioxidants and that’s why many people call dragon fruit a natural anti-aging product. The antioxidants found in dragon fruit fight free radicals in different body parts. As we have already said, free radicals are one of the causes of many diseases and health problems and they also speed up the aging of skin. Eat more dragon fruit and other fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods and prevent premature aging.

10. Anti-Inflammatory

Dragon fruit is praised for its anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to these properties it is able to lower irritation in the joints. In most cases, inflammation is a result of unhealthy diet and bad choices like alcohol abuse, drugs, smoking etc. This practice results in a highly acidic environment in the body that ultimately leads to numerous diseases including cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

In case you start using fresh and natural foods like dragon fruit and stay away from processed and refined foods, you will soon realize that the pain and aches you felt were caused by the foods you have taken. Next time you reach for a commercial sugary product, think twice. Use dragon fruit instead!

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