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3 Completely Natural Home Remedies for Tonsillitis Treatment

If you suffer from severe pain caused by tonsillitis and don’t know what to do about it, here is an efficient tonsillitis treatment, that we hope you’ll find very helpful and perhaps give it a try. This is really easy to do at home and with a minimum of resources. If your pain is severe perhaps you should try this right away, since it has no side effects and cannot cause you any harm at all.

Lemons, The Best Remedy for Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis treatment with lemons – You`ll need a bigger lemon, a clean piece of gauze and a scarf to prepare a miraculous compress to calm down the tonsillitis pain. Peel the lemon underwater so that the lemon’s essential oils don’t evaporate. Soak a piece of gauze into this water and roll it around the chest or neck area. Cover it with a scarf so that it stays still and let it stay for 1-2 hours on the chest and neck area. Take 2 hours off from your daily chores and relax with the compress on. You`ll sense the difference after 2-3 hours after you’ve taken the compress off, that relief that you’ve been waiting for so long.

Tonsillitis remedy with Lemon essential oils – All you have to do is to pour in a pot 750 ml of boiling water in which you shall peel a lemon while holding the fruit under water so it doesn’t lose its essential oils within. Take a piece of cloth or a clean gauze and moist it in the obtained juice and then roll it or place the gauze on the chest or in the neck area, wherever you feel the pain is more severe and acute. Cover it with a thick neck cloth and let it stay there for one or two hours at least. Repeat the procedure and make sure that you do, because this is a sure thing and a real natural remedy that will definitely calm the pains down.

This is an amazing natural treatment for calming down the pains caused by tonsillitis that we recommend to everybody, because there’s nothing to lose by doing it and if you are really desperate you should give it a try. No side effects whatsoever!

Completely Natural Tonsillitis Treatment with Honey

However, if you want a more holistic approach in treating tonsillitis and a way to get rid of it forever, you may try this 1 month cure as well.

  • Fill a 500-gr jar with a bottle of echinacea tincture and 100 gr pollen.
  • Mix together the ingredients well with a wooden spoon, until all the pollen grains are crushed.
  • Fill the rest of the jar with honey and again, mix well.
  • Have 1 tsp. of this natural medicine 30 minutes before the main meals of the day.
  • In addition, have 30-40 drops of 30% propolis tincture on a piece of bread as well.

You never add propolis drops in tea or water because it sticks to the glass walls and if the tea is hotter than 50°, the effective enzymes in the propolis will die, so the medicine is useless. Hence, propolis needs to be taken with a small piece of bread that you chew and swallow.

  • If you wish to get rid of tonsillitis and the upsetting tonsillitis pain continue this cure until the jar is empty.
  • Also, take the propolis for 20 days at least.

This complete natural tonsillitis treatment will reinforce your immune system. You can also do this cure preventively, 2 times a year when the seasons change. This remedy for tonsillitis is 100% safe, but it has only 1 contraindication: diabetes!

Until next time, stay in good health and take care of yourself really well! Don’t forget, no matter the condition, God has grown a plant to help you out.

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