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7 Surprising Sugarcane Juice Benefits and Uses

Both delicious and healthy, sugarcane juice packs a number of health benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss out. Read on and find out how to improve your overall health with a single glass of this highly nutritious beverage. Here are the amazing sugarcane juice benefits:

Sugarcane Juice Benefits and Uses

1. Simple Sugar

To start with, the sugarcane has stalk that is fibrous and has high content of sucrose. That is a sugar form which is simple. The high amount of sucrose makes this juice to be absorbed easily in the body, and that contributes to hydration which is deep and boost an instant energy. Aside from the juice, which usually is made fresh by pressing in hand mills that are small, sugarcane is used for producing lots of food items like jaggery and molasses.

2. Super Antioxidant

Sugarcane juice is an amazing refreshing drink. Furthermore, it has lots of antioxidants which include flavanols and phenols and that contribute to the fact that it is perfect for fighting against free radicals as well as preventing the peroxidation of lipids. Research has found that these properties make this juice extremely effective in fighting jaundice and liver disorders and protecting against radiation-caused DNA damaged.

3. Slowing Down Cancer

Sugarcane juice operates as an antiproliferative agent meaning it prevents malignant cell growth into surrounding tissues. The thing is, this juice has tricin-7-O-β-(6″-methoxycinnamic)-glucoside which is a flavonoid that is known for slowing down the spreading of malignant cells and fighting against some lines of cancer cell.

4. Juice for Anemia

Another important thing about sugarcane juice is its high iron-rich sugar content. It can be used as a sweet substitute that improves iron levels, especially among children. Iron deficiency – anemia is one of the most common nutritional and health issues all over the world. In accordance with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 750 million out of 2 billion affected people are children. Studies made in countries with tropical climate like India and Brazil, in which the access to sugarcane juice is plenty, have shown that the usage of sugarcane juice regularly as a sweetener has considerably improved the levels of hemoglobin in children.

5. Sports Drink Substitute

Sugarcane juice can replenish the levels of sugar and the energy quickly during workout that is strenuous. Sugarcane juice is rich with CHOs as well as electrolytes such as magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and calcium, which makes it a healthier natural alternative to commercial sports drinks. It also improves performance and postpones the onset of fatigue.

A number of studies also confirm that sugarcane juice improves muscle glycogen resynthesis after a rigorous workout making it a better rehydration drink when compared to sports drinks and plain water.

6. Sweet Tooth Fix

Although many people automatically link sugar to dental cavities, that is not a result of every sugar. Sucrose, is on the bottom of the for list of the culprits of cavity. Lots of studies from Columbia have revealed that by consuming sugarcane juice in crystal form the occurrence of dental caries is reduced.

And, that’s not all. The sucrose sugar component gives sugarcane juice a low glycemic index, meaning it’s also safe for diabetics.

7. Natural Choice

Sugarcane juice is rich with iron and carbohydrates, which bring benefit for fighting against anemia and providing enough energy. The sugarcane juice benefits in Ayurveda medicine are know for treating many health problems like fevers, ulcers, kidney function, weight gain and eye disorders.

Finally, sugarcane juice is a great laxative and diuretic.

Via: CureJoy

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