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The Best Anti-Cancer Diet – Prevent and Reverse Cancer Naturally

Besides following an anti-cancer diet that’s rich in fresh foods, it’s important you have healthy habits and avoid being sedentary, alcohol, and tobacco. Learn more in this article!

There are more and more people who suffer from cancer. This especially happens in the west. This could be due to the kind of life we live. However, it could also have to do with the contamination that surrounds us or the stress we suffer from on a daily basis.

Another one of the causes is your daily diet. Because of this, we want to share the best anti-cancer diet with you in this article. These are some of the best foods you should include in your diet.

Anti-Cancer Diet – What to Eat to be Healthy

There are several recommendations for making your diet the healthiest it can be. These recommendations also help to prevent the appearance of cancer.

They include basing your diet on fresh, local, in-season products. In addition, these foods should be organic if possible.

  • Raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains have priority.
  • You can also add legumes, aromatic herbs, spices, and olive oil.
  • The third thing you can add is eggs and fish.

It’s also recommended to remove manufactured and refined products (sugar and flours) from your diet. Reducing the amount of soft drinks, sausage, and fried foods you eat is the next step. Finally, you should start eating less meat, dairy, and cold cuts.

The Mediterranean diet can be a big help if you want to prevent cancer. This is because its ingredients are very healthy. Also, many of the dishes use olive oil. (This is even better if it’s cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.)

On the other hand, your daily habits need to line up with this anti-cancer diet.

If you do certain things, it’s more likely that you’ll suffer from cancer or other disease like hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems, etc. The things that increase your chances include smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and not exercising.

Being sedentary is a current problem in developed countries. Plus, these are the same areas you see more patients with cancer.

Finally, it’s good to remember that you are usually in contact with carcinogenic substances all the time. These include the following: environmental contamination, certain plastics or Teflon, and benzopyrene in tobacco.

Anti-Cancer Diet – Foods You Shouldn’t Forget

It should be said that nothing can reduce your chances of suffering from cancer 100%. This is because this is a disease that is caused by several factors (your genes, for instance).

However, you can minimize the possibility of suffering from it if you exercise for at least half an hour every day. You should also get rid of stress and being sedentary.

Finally, you should regularly eat the following foods:



Like all of the cruciferous family (including cabbage and Brussels sprouts), broccoli has anti-cancer powers.

We recommend eating this vegetable to reduce the chances of breast, colon, lung, bladder, and prostate cancer.


The characteristic and powerful smell from this plant shouldn’t be gone from your house. This is because it’s caused by two anti-cancer components (also, it’s antiseptic).

To get the best results, its best to eat garlic raw and during breakfast. In this “family” of superfoods you also find onions, leeks, and scallions. They help prevent the appearance of throat, mouth, stomach, and colon cancer.

Green tea

This rich ingredient has a powerful antioxidant called EGCG. This antioxidant stops damage on the genetic level. It also stops the formation of tumors.

It’s a good thing to replace coffee or black tea because it doesn’t have any drawbacks. Green tea protects from three kinds of cancer: colon, bladder, and stomach.

Oily fish

Men 30 years old and older should increase their intake of these kinds of fish (salmon, mackerel, and tuna, among others). This is because their anti-inflammatory properties reduce the risk of suffering from prostate cancer.

Natural yogurt

homemade yogurt

This kind of dairy is (also known as “Greek” yogurt) has probiotics. These promote digestive health. They also boost your immune system.

Eating a container of natural yogurt gives your body necessary components. These help you fight some kinds of cancer (among them, colon cancer).

Whole grains

The opposite of refined grains, whole grains are perfect if you want to prevent breast or colon cancer. It’s especially recommended to use oats, bran, and granola.

Carrots and oranges

Both are rich in vitamin C. However, they’re especially rich in beta-carotenes. This is what gives them their orange color. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals. This is important because these molecules can cause lung cancer, among others.

It’s wise to add raw ones to your diet. You can also use them as juices and smoothies in the morning.


This is another one of the foods that clean free radicals from your body. The men that eat tomatoes as adults have a smaller risk of suffering from prostate cancer.

Despite what you might think, it’s better to eat them cooked in this case. This is because if they’re raw, their nutrients don’t become active.

Flax seeds

These small seeds have vegetable estrogens called lignans. These change your metabolism of natural hormones. They also reduce the chances of getting breast cancer.

In addition, they give you omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. These slow the advance of colon cancer.


For tofu to do all that it can, it’s important that it comes from organic soy beans.

The isoflavones from tofu block the effects of estrogen. They also reduce all cancers related to these hormones (breast, ovarian, and prostate).

You can also eat other soy products. However, they should never be overly processed.

Via: EverydayHealth | Dr.Axe | DailyStar | RebootWithJoe

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