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Vaginal Candidiasis: Symptoms, Causes, Types and Natural Remedies

Vaginal candidiasis is an infection caused by various strains of fungi, particularly Candida albicans. This infection is common among individuals with a normal immune system. However, these conditions are especially common or persistent in people with diabetes or AIDS, as well as pregnant women.

In this article, we’ll explain more about this condition, including the causes, symptoms, and some tips and natural remedies to treat it. We also offer some precautions to avoid getting it again.

Vaginal Candidiasis: A Common Infection

This condition is part of the group of the most common diseases. Practically all human beings will get it sometime in their lives.

There are three types of human yeast infections: superficial, intermediate (like candidiasis), and serious.


Most women will get a vaginal yeast infection at some point in their lives. This yeast is often found in small quantities in the vagina, mouth, digestive tract, and skin. Most of the time, it doesn’t cause infection or symptoms.

Candida and many other microorganisms that normally live in the vagina keep each other in balance. However, the amount of Candida increases sometimes, thus causing vaginal candidiasis.


Vulvar itching is the most common symptom of vaginal candidiasis, although a person may also present:

  • Burning or pain in the vaginal area
  • Painful urination
  • Pain during intercourse


Both men and women may suffer from this condition throughout their lives. However, these tips will help minimize your risks of getting it.

Maintaining a good hygiene usually prevents candidiasis. It’s important to dry your skin folds well when you come out of the shower.

  • To prevent oral candidiasis, you have to brush your teeth and use mouthwash. You shouldn’t smoke.
  • To prevent candidiasis in the genital area, you should use condoms to prevent contact.
  • Pregnant women should consume bioactive yogurts to help keep the vaginal flora less acid.

Types of candidiasis

Candidal intertrigo

This is the most common clinical form. It can affect large folds like armpits, groin, intergluteal cleft, inframammary fold, neck, and small folds such as webbing in hands, feet, and retroauricular region.

This infection causes the person’s skin reddens and also swells up. In addition, it’s very typical to see flakiness in these areas and satellite lesions. The person with the infection feels itchy and burning.

Candidiasis in the digestive system

  • Esophageal: Inflammation occurs and causes trouble swallowing, heartburn, and chest pain.
  • Gastric candidiasis: This especially appears in patients who suffer from gastric ulcers.
  • Candida enteritis: This causes abdominal pain and frequent bowel movements. Stool may contain blood, causing dehydration from diarrhea.
  • Ano-rectal candidiasis: This causes itching, burning, and irritation in the anus.

Candidiasis in the reproductive system

You must pay close attention if you have the following symptoms:

  • Vulvovaginal candidiasis: This is caused by an alteration in the vaginal pH, especially in pregnant women. It causes irritation and itching in the vagina.
  • Balanitis: This causes an infection in the glans and the foreskin of the penis, which causes itchy pustules.

Effective natural remedies for treating candiadisis

1. Plain yogurt

First of all, an excellent home remedy for yeast infections in women is to introduce plain yogurt in the vagina. This product will reduce the acidity of the vagina, slowing down fungal growth. This is because fungi need a more acidic environment to develop.

Men can also resort to this home remedy. The thing is, it may not be comfortable for them to have wet underwear during the day.


  • 2 tbsp. of plain yogurt (30 ml)

How to use:

  • First, apply the plain yogurt inside and around the vagina.
  • Leave on for 1 to 2 hours.

2. Mouthwash to treat candidiasis

Next, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice both have antiseptic and antibiotic properties. In addition, tea tree essential oil has natural regenerative properties. The combination of these three ingredients make a powerful natural remedy to treat this condition.



  • First, mix the three ingredients and then stir them well.
  • Do gargles with this mixture twice a day to quickly eliminate vaginal candidiasis.

Via: eMedicineHealth | EverydayHealth | WebMD

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