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Category: Health

Home Remedies to Treat Tuberculosis

15 Home Remedies to Treat Tuberculosis

As medicine has developed over time, scientists have discovered more and more infectious diseases. Among them, tuberculosis is claimed to have caused more death than any other disease (1). This health problem emerged even in …
Best Natural Painkillers

9 Nature’s Best Natural Painkillers

The goal of painkillers is to ease or eliminate pains in any part of the body, especially in the head, as well as muscles and joints. All types of various painkillers can be bought in …
Bleeding Gums Home Remedies

Loose Teeth and Bleeding Gums Home Remedies

Bleeding gums and loose teeth are two of the most common mouth problems. Despite their diverse origin, the truth is that in most cases like gingivitis their appearance is due to poor hygiene. Therefore, we …
Sunflower Lecithin Benefits and Uses

9 Amazing Sunflower Lecithin Benefits and Uses

What is Lecithin and what are the Sunflower Lecithin Benefits? The term lecithin is describing a various brown or yellowish fatty compounds which occur naturally in various plants and animals. Lecithin was originally isolated from …

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