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Category: Health

Treat Hyperlipidemia Naturally

5 Tips to Help You Treat Hyperlipidemia Naturally

Hyperlipidemia describes cholesterol levels that are too high. In the United States, an estimated seventy-one million adults have elevated cholesterol. Of these patients, only about one out of three has control over the condition. There …
Symptoms of Scleroderma

5 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Scleroderma

Scleroderma is a potentially fatal condition that affects the skin, blood vessels, and internal organs. It occurs as a result of the immune system attacking the connective tissue underneath the skin, hardening the skin and …
Natural remedies to treat syphilis

3 Home Remedies to Help You Treat Syphilis Naturally

,To treat syphilis naturally, there are some natural remedies with antibiotic properties. Unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, this disorder is curable. However, it’s essential to treat it in time. Learn more about this disease and …

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