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Blackberry Leaf Tea – Find Out the Healing Properties of this Amazing Herb

For thousands of years now, the leaves of the blackberry plant is used for the treatment of various health problems, from something as simple as a sore throat to something as serious as cancer. This does not come as a shock because the leaves of the said plant contain numerous plant-based compounds that possess antioxidant properties.

Everyone knows that antioxidants are powerful molecules that neutralize excess free radicals in the body, thus warding off numerous health conditions that can put one’s wellbeing and even life in grave danger.

Although blackberry leaves are traditionally made into poultice that can be used in the treatment of skin rash, irritation and wounds, a much more popular mode of employing it as an all-natural preventive and curative preparation is by turning them into tea. These days, you can get your hands on dried leaves of the blackberry plant at select health food stores on the internet as well as offline. It is suggested for a couple of teaspoons of the dried leaves to be steeped in a cup of hot water for about 5 minutes only. Doing it longer than that may be disadvantageous as tannins found in the dried leaves of blackberry may leave the resulting tea taste bitter.

Speaking of tannins, these bitter-tasting organic substances that come in yellowish or brownish color are some of those that make tea out of blackberry leaves possess amazing healing properties. Whether you have a medical condition that could benefit from tannins or you simply want to enjoy good health, the consumption of blackberry tea leaf is a wonderful idea. It’s the perfect replacement for coffee and other caffeinated beverages as it won’t leave you with the characteristic symptoms of caffeine intake. Provided that you don’t consume too much of it especially if you are sensitive to tannins, blackberry leaf tea is safe to be taken on a regular basis.

The following are some of the most noteworthy health benefits that blackberry leaf tea is known to offer:

1. Blackberry Leaf Tea Helps Soothe Mouth Problems and Sore Throat

Blackberry leaf tea that’s allowed to cool to room temperature may be used as a mouth rinse to help ease those painful oral sores and swollen gums. It’s also the perfect gargle if you are having a bout of sore throat. Feel free to drink 2 to 3 cups of tea out of blackberry leaves if you have any of the mentioned mouth or throat concerns.

2. The Healthy Tea Helps Alleviate Abdominal Pain and Diarrhea

Because of the astringent properties of blackberry leaf tea, it’s something that you may consume if you are bugged by abdominal pain and cramping. This is especially true if the problem is accompanied by diarrhea. Some traditional healers recommend steeping some peppermint leaves with blackberry leaves for best results.

3. It’s Known to Help Reduce Joint and Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Traditional healers recommend the intake of blackberry leaf tea to those who are suffering from painful and swollen joints and muscles. It is because of the anti-inflammatory possessed by the said beverage. Blackberry leaves is often steeped with white willow bark as well as nettle and horsetail leaves for the management of rheumatism.

4. Tea Out of Blackberry Leaves Helps Prevent Premature Aging of the Skin

Blackberry leaf tea is capable of deactivating enzymes that are set off by the sun’s UV rays. Especially if you’re a beauty-conscious person, you don’t want those enzymes springing into action as they can inhibit collagen production. By taking blackberry leaf tea, nothing can stop the production of collagen that keeps the skin soft and supple.

5. It May Lower Your Risk of Suffering from Deadly Cancer

We all know that free radical damage can cause all sorts of health problems, including cancer. Several studies have shown that antioxidant-rich herbs such as blackberry leaves may inhibit the growth as well as spreading of cancer cells. Regularly drinking blackberry leaf tea is one of the many smart steps you may take to ward off cancer.

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