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Drinking Water On Empty Stomach – Using Water As Medicine

Japan is starting a new health trend by people drinking water on empty stomach as the first thing they do after getting out of bed. Research has confirmed the health effects of this regimen.

This water regimen that can completely cure some diseases, both serious and mild was confirmed by Japanese medical experts.

These include heart problems, obesity, body aches, tuberculosis, uterine disease, headaches, vomiting, diabetes, meningitis, epilepsy, constipation, gastritis, kidney diseases, uterine diseases, ear and throat diseases.

Drinking Water On Empty Stomach

What to Do

  • First thing upon waking up before doing anything else, drink four 6 oz. glasses of water. If you can’t drink this much at once, try to drink as much as you can and then gradually increase the amount you intake.
  • Next brush your teeth and go through your basic oral hygiene routine of the morning.
  • Wait 45 minutes before eating or drinking anything.
  • Then eat or drink breakfast as usual.
  • Once a meal you are done eating that initial meal, do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours.

Drinking Water On Empty Stomach Can Treat Specific Diseases

Using the method above, the following research indicates the number of days the regimen must be utilized in order to cure each disease:

  • Constipation in 10 days
  • High blood pressure in 20 days
  • Diabetes in 35 days
  • Cancer in 180 days
  • Gastric problems in 10 days
  • Tuberculosis in 90 days
  • Arthritis – use the method for only 3 days the first week, then return to your regular daily regimen.

This method has no side effects other than increased urination at the beginning of the program. Staying healthy and active, and drinking water are ways that will better our lives.

Chinese and Japanese people drink hot tea with meals rather than cold water. Cold water makes the processes of digestion slower and then solidifies the oily foods you are eating. The solidified oils then react the stomach acid and is absorbed faster by the intestines and then lines the intestinal wall. The long term accumulation of these oils can result in cancer.

A Short Note on Heart Attacks

In regards to heart attacks, women must always be leery that left arm pain is not the sole sign of a possible heart attack. Heart attack patients may never have even experienced chest pain. Some symptoms, however, are heavy sweating and nausea. When a person has a heart attack while sleeping, about 60% of those people don’t wake up during the incident.

If you have pain in the jaw, note that. If you are sound asleep and pain in the jaw wakes you abruptly, it could be a sign of a possible heart attack. Pay close attention to possible heart attack signs and symptoms. Cardiologists note that if you can every pass it forward to anyone, this is some invaluable information to pass along to people you know.

Via: CureJoy

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