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How to Get Rid of Phlegm and Cough with Carrots Syrup

Carrots as part of the healthiest vegetables are known worldwide. They contain vitamin A and B-carotene, two compounds which are very important because they bring benefit to the vision.

In addition, these vegetables are abundant with vitamin C, K and B as well as several minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, calcium and iron.

Despite the benefits for our eye health, they also have positive influence on the immune system and the bowel movement. For respiratory problems carrots can be used as remedy because their effectiveness has been proven in cases of bronchitis, asthma, cold and coughs.

Below, we will introduce you to a natural and very helpful and remarkable remedy, due to its ability for how to get rid of phlegm stuck in the lungs and to eliminate cough. Keep in mind that both kids and adults can benefit from this remedy.

How to Get Rid of Phlegm and Cough with this Natural Cough Syrup Made of Carrots


  • Four tablespoon of honey
  • Half a kilogram of carrots


Take the carrots and cut them into small pieces. Pour some water over the pieces. After that, boil till they become soft and take them away from the heat. Use a blender or fork to mash the carrots well.

Keep the water where the carrots were boiled. Once the water gets cold, use it again. Put the honey in the water and pour this mixture to the prepared carrots.

Store the syrup in a cold and dark place.

How to Use This Natural Remedy?

This 100% natural remedy should be taken on a regular basis. Take four tablespoons of this remedy throughout the day and after two days you will experience improvement. With the help of this incredible carrot-based syrup, you will eliminate cough and phlegm.

Via: JuicingForHealth

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