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7 Interesting Hair Loss Myths You Should Know

Alopecia, commonly known as balding, is a consequence of abnormal hair loss. In some cases, it only affects the scalp, while in others it also affects other hair, such as your eyebrows, eyelashes, genital area, or beard. Despite the social and psychological burden that may come along with it, balding is a common issue, especially in men.

In the majority of cases, it’s caused by hormonal imbalances and genetics. It’s usually your body telling you that metabolic changes are happening. In other cases, it starts at a specific age, generation after generation.

7 Interesting Hair Loss Myths You Should Know

Despite how common it is, there are still plenty of false beliefs surrounding alopecia, today we’ll address the most common hair loss myths and set the record straight.

1. Headphones Are Harmful for Your Hair

One of the most common hair loss myths is that hair can be “choked” by hats, helmets, headphones, or hair gel. However, the reality is that these things only affect how your hair looks; they don’t have anything to do with how strong your hair is.

2. Washing Your Hair Frequently Causes Hair Loss

Another of the hair loss myths is that frequently washing your hair is directly related to your hair falling out. However, shampoo is designed for topical use only, so it can’t penetrate your scalp, make your hair fall out, or strengthen it either. Therefore, no shampoo can eliminate alopecia.

3. Haircuts Help Your Hair Grow

Here we’ll look at a hair loss myth that’s not actually related to hair growth, but rather with things that pop culture says will help hair grow.

Just like how shampoo doesn’t have any effect on your hair growing underneath your skin, haircuts don’t either. Cutting your hair more regularly doesn’t make it stronger, nor does it make it fall out.

4. Laser Treatments Solve All

Although many clinics and aesthetic centers are now offering laser treatments, there is no scientific evidence behind this practice for hair loss.

You must keep in mind that balding isn’t just an aesthetic problem; it’s a biological condition and therefore requires the help of a certified medical dermatologist.

5. Stress Will Make You Go Bald

Stress can accelerate the process of hair loss, but it will never be the reason that you go bald. Baldness is something you inherit from your mother, contrary to what others might think. If your genes say you’ll lose your hair, stress won’t be the determining factor.

6. Wigs Cause Baldness

Many people say that if you use a wig or weave, your hair will start to fall out because your skin can’t breathe. However, this is yet another of the hair loss myths. The truth is that your hair is getting oxygen from the blood in your scalp. Therefore, using a wig or weave will not make your hair fall out faster.

7. Too Much Sun Is Bad for Your Hair

It’s also been said that if you get too much sun on your head, you will speed up the balding process. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Too much sun doesn’t cause hair loss. What you should do is use hair products that keeps your hair fibers from weakening and use enough sunscreen.

Via: ReadersDigest | HuffingtonPost

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