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Kava Kava – The Best Natural Alternative to Anxiety Medication

Kava Kava, sometimes simply referred to as Kava is a plant with intoxicating as well as relaxing properties. The name has been derived from a mix of languages particularly Tongan, Marquesan, Samoan, Fijian and Vanuatu.

Piper mythesticum, a native of several Pacific Ocean countries has been known to the Ancient Tribes of Fiji, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

Kava belongs to the pepper family and is offered to guests of the state!

The tribal cultures of these countries of the Pacific region have been enjoying the intoxicating properties of this ancient drink since centuries. In fact, it is very rare to see a ceremonial celebration that does not have Kava kava as the main drink.

Kava Kava - The Best Natural Alternative to Anxiety Medication

This psychoactive beverage is known to be akin to alcohol or wine. Its wide usage as an intoxicating drink owes its popularity to its easy availability in the greenery of the pacific region countries.

The roots of the plant are either eaten raw or are ground to a fine paste before mixing it up in cold water. This produces a concentrated beverage which has to be filtered before serving. It is traditionally consumed from coconut shells that have been halved.

In addition to its uses as a drink, Kava is also famous for its medicinal properties. It is a relaxant par excellence and has been the subject of research at many universities and other agencies.

Some medical practitioners are already prescribing Kava for patients who are averse to use allopathic drugs or those who have become immune to their use.

It is said to possess soul-lifting properties and is used as a relaxant and sedative. The researchers have concluded that it is very helpful tool in the treatment of problems like anxiety, insomnia, and such other disorders.

In fact, some authoritative studies and experts in the field of medicine have concluded that Kava is a reliable treatment for General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and sleep disorders.

Thus, Kava is seen as a viable alternative for many allopathic drugs particularly in cases of severe stress, depression and insomnia.

More and more medical and pharmaceutical agencies are taking up Kava as a treatment since it is a natural medicine. The prevalent medicines, which are being used the world over by doctors, are being compared with Kava to see whether there is a better effect on the patients.

The outcome of these experiments has been quite encouraging. Herbs and herbal extracts are proving to be a viable and better alternative for common or extreme sleep disorders.

In a study the Cochrane Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis group conducted extensive tests on:

  • Its effects on the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders and
  • Its efficacy as compared to other conventional medicines like Valium.

They have come to the conclusion that the conventional medicines have adverse effects on the patients.

These adverse effects are:

  • Memory impairment,
  • Dependence

This has led to more and more patients turning to alternatives like Kava and other herbal extracts.

Thus, it may be seen that the most respected authorities, institutes and universities have opined that Kava and other such herbal medicines are a more cost-effective and effective alternative for Valium and other such conventional drugs.

In spite of the opposition by pharmaceutical firms, Kava kava which survived the tests of the times is here to stay.

Via: WebMD

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