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Natural Breast Enlargement – See What Happens When You Consume Pineapple 3 Times A Day

The older we get the worst the condition of our breasts becomes. Which is normal, but still no one wants wobbly and droopy breasts, especially if there’s something you can do to fix it. Pineapple is the wonder fruit which can help your breast appear firmer and more attractive. Even if you drink too much coffee and alcohol, or smoke too much, which worsen the condition, pineapple can still do wonders for your breasts and thus can give you natural breast enlargement.

Pineapple is famous for its antioxidant properties and it’s great in the treatment against cancer. But it’s also very useful for us women, because it makes the skin feel more elastic and look much younger, which is very useful when breasts start to lose their firmness with age. If you want to have better results, try to eliminate coffee, cigarettes and alcohol from your diet, and add some pineapples, you’ll be surprised with the fast and natural breast enlargement.

You can enjoy the nice taste of pineapple and benefit from it at the same time if you prepare yourself a nice pineapple smoothie.

Natural Breast Enlargement Smoothie Recipe

Add one cup of sliced pineapple, half a cup of yogurt, a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of pineapple juice and a couple of ice cubes to a blender, mix it all together and drink it in the morning. You’ll be surprised of its effects.

Health benefits of pineapple

Natural-Breast Enlargement-See-What-Happens-When-You-Consume-Pineapple-3-Times-A-Day

Arthritis management – If you suffer from arthritis and joint or muscle pain, pineapple may be just the thing you need. It’s rich in bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme which plays a role in the breaking down of complex proteins. It’s also very useful against inflammation and reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

Boost the immune system -The pineapple contains high levels of vitamin C and ascorbic acid, just one cup of fresh pineapple can provide you with 130% of the vitamin C your body requires. These properties make it a great ally in your fight against many illnesses and are important for the improvement of your immune system. It’s useful in the prevention of cancer because of its antioxidant powers; it eliminates the free radicals in your body which are known to cause cancer.

Tissue and cellular health – Pineapple not only protects your body from diseases and infections but it’s also vital in the creation of collagen, the protein base of all our blood vessels, walls, organs, bones and skin. Moreover, if you start eating pineapple, all your cuts and bruises will start healing much quicker than before.

Digestion – Almost all fruits contain fibers which are good for digestion, and pineapple is not excluded from the list. The fibers from the pineapple will eliminate problems with constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, blood clothing and much more. They encourage normal digestion and excretion, which in turn improves the overall digestive system. They also improve the cardiovascular system eradicating cholesterol from our blood vessels and removing it from system.

Coughs and colds – The bromelain, which we mentioned earlier, eliminates the phlegm and mucus from our respiratory system and help us get better when we are sick.

Bone health – We know that pineapple doesn’t contain much calcium, which is the main factor in bone health, but it has high amounts of manganese, which also promotes bone strength and health. Just one portion of pineapple contains 70% of the recommended daily dose of manganese.

Oral health – Dentists usually recommend including pineapple in your diet because they are known to have astringent properties. They are beneficial in toning the body, and keep the gums and teeth strong and healthy. If you have problems with hair or teeth loss try eating more pineapples and you’ll be surprised of the results.

Eye health – Pineapples are also rich in beta carotene which is crucial when it comes to your vision, and vision may very well be our most important sense. Eating pineapple improves eye health and prevents eye sight deterioration.

Blood pressure – Another beneficial property of pineapple is its high amount of potassium, which is a very important mineral for our health in general. It’s known as a vasodilator, which reduces the stress and tension of blood vessels. When our blood vessels are relaxed, blood flows freely through them and reduces our blood pressure. This reduces the risk of blood clots and doesn’t allow plaque to accumulate on the arteries’ wall. All of this prevents arthrosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks. Enjoy a nice snack and keep your heart safe and healthy.

Blood circulation – Copper is another mineral we can benefit from, if we eat pineapple. It is essential in red blood cells creation, which boost the oxygenation to organs and systems and creates an optimal environment for them. It can also do wonders for the cognitive abilities, maintaining neural pathways and preventing mental diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Be cautious not to overdo it: Even though we’ve shared all the amazing benefits of the pineapple, you still have to be cautious not to overeat it. The bromelain is an enzyme with meat-tenderizing properties, which make it good for digestion, but if you eat too much it can make your gums, lips and tongue more tender and sensitive as well. Excessive vitamin C ingestion can also have some serious side effects, like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headaches, so be careful. Pregnant women should avoid eating too much pineapple because it stimulates menstruation and there have been rare cases of miscarriages. Aside from these side effects, pineapple is a healthy fruit with many benefits and if enjoyed in moderation can do wonders for your overall health.

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