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13 Impressive Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

One of the most potent oils you can use to improve your health is lemon essential oil. This oil has been used for more than 1,000 years to treat many different health ailments and conditions.

It is said that once you start using lemon essential oil your life will change in many different ways. The lemon oil is in fact extracted from the peels of the lemon thanks to their high content of oil.

Furthermore, this oil contains antioxidant known as d-limonene. This particular antioxidant is very potent. Also, the lemon is a high source of the potent antioxidant – vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps our body to neutralize the free radicals, that might damage the cells. There are many ways you can use the lemon oil, below there are 13 of them.

13 Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

1. Pain Relief

A 2002 study made on lab rats which were exposed to persistent painful stimulation tested how lemon oil works in this situation. These rats inhaled the aroma of lemon oil and the behaviors which indicate of pain lowered (licking the affected area, flinching and flexing).

That means that lemon essential oil can help relieve pain.

2. Combat Sore Throat and Coughs

You can fight a sore throat and coughs with lemon essential oil. In warm water or tea, you can add from 2 to 3 drops of this oil. This can help you ease the pain.

3. Helps with Heartburn

This oil is said to help neutralize the stomach acid. In order to prepare the digestive system in a glass of warm water put one drop of this oil safe for ingestion. Remember to consume slowly, drink this 30 minutes before your meal.

4. Body and Skin

Lemon essential oil is also beneficial when it comes to your skin. The mixture of olive oil and few drops of lemon essential oil can help you deal with lines and wrinkles on your face. For smoother skin, you can also use this mixture on your body.

Avoid any contact with your eyes. Remember that before using any essential oil you need to dilute it with carrier oil.

5. Aids Weight Loss

Limonene can facilitate lipolysis, the breakdown of the white adipose tissue, the kind of fat which the body stores to use for energy.

If you want to lose few pounds, consider using lemon oil. This oil is believed to help reduce weight by lowering the chance of overeating and lowering weight by satisfying your appetite.

Recipe for Fat Dissolving Massage – You will need seven drops of pure lemon oil, seven drops of grapefruit oil and 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil.

6. Helps with Stress and Anxiety

You can use lemon essential oil to calm down. On the tips of your fingers put carrier oil and 1 or 2 drops of this essential oil and put it behind the ears. Gently massage this area and then lie down in a dark room for around 10 minutes.

If you are not able to lie down because for example you are in the office, simply dilute lemon essential oil with any carrier oil (coconut oil and olive oil) and let the oil do its work.

7. Treats Varicose Veins

Lemon essential oil can also help you with varicose veins. Take a small amount of carrier oil, add around 8 drops of lemon essential oil. Mix the 2 oils well. Take this mixture and put it in a warm bathwater. All you need to do next is relax.

8. Disinfectant

The lemon essential oil is perfect disinfectant for hospitals, chopping boards, public bathrooms, and countertops. You can carry this oil in your bag and use it whenever you need to.

9. Stops Vomiting and Nausea

In the spring of 2014, a study highlighted the benefits of lemon oil for pregnant women that deal with vomiting and nausea. This was the first study of this kind. This study found some results which were promising.

The findings of the research were based on findings from the personal report of over 100 women.

According to these findings, the researchers came to the conclusion that most women were notably more satisfied with the aromatherapy which was smelling lemon oil from the bottle than with the placebo, or the drugs.

10. Enhance Immune System

The lemon essential oil is said to stimulate the production of white blood cells and circulation. In addition, it is believed that lemon essential oil can help combat disease, infection, and sickness.

11. Helps Lower the Blood Pressure

Amazing alternative to the blood pressure drugs is lemon oil. This oil can help the circulatory system and blood flow. In every glass of water, you consume on a daily basis all you need to do is add 1 drop of lemon essential oil.

Make sure that lemon essential oil is safe to consume.

12. Degrease Your Hair

Overzealous sebaceous gland causes greasy hair, and this type of hair can leave the tresses flat, stringy and limp no matter how many times you wash it.

You probably did not know this, but lemon essential oil can help you solve your problem with greasy hair. This oil can help re balance the production of oils and at the same time lower sebum on the scalp.

Recipe for Hair Rinse – You will need one cup of water, three drops of lemon essential oil and two tbsp. of apple cider vinegar. Use this mixture to rinse your hair.

Shampoo Recipe – In order to make your very own homemade shampoo, you will need one cup of water, ½ cup of liquid castile soap and twenty drops of lemon essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well and use this mixture as shampoo.

13. Boosts Concentration and Mood

Inhaling the scent of lemon oil can lead to a calming and stimulating influence on the mind. That is why the lemon oil is used to boost mood and concentration.

Researchers tried to understand the connection between mood and smell, and that is why they examined the physiological and psychological influence of smelling either plain water, lavender oil or lemon oil before and after experiencing some stress.

In this study, there were 56 healthy volunteers. Those volunteers who smelled lemon essential oil reported to have increased positive mood despite the fact that they had their hands in ice water.

Also, the researchers measured the stress hormones and came to the discovery that norepinephrine (big role in learning and cognition) was at elevated levels after the volunteers inhaled lemon oil.

You are probably surprised by all these uses of lemon oil. Now that you are aware of them you can include these uses in your everyday life and with that simplify your life. However, remember in order to use any essential oil you need to dilute it with carrier oil.

Via: Dr.Ericz

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