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The Raw Food Diet: Benefits, Nutrition Information and Side Effects

As time goes on and science discovers more and more about the human body, more diets are being promoted. Some diets are for weight loss, while others are for healing.

For weight loss, the original assumption was to eliminate fats. Later on, we learned there are necessary fats needed in a healthy diet. For healing, the original idea was to fast. This idea has stood the tests of time, though it requires an ample amount of discipline most individuals just do not have.

Fortunately, there is a diet that not only works for weight loss but also helps the body heal itself of illnesses. The raw food diet is grabbing the attention of dieters worldwide.

Basics of the Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is pretty self-explanatory, but there are still some things to be mindful of. Obviously, the raw diet helps with weight loss because the food goes straight through the individual.

The reason why raw food is so beneficial for healing is the enzymes in it make it living food. Enzymes are important because they bind to molecules in our bodies and enable molecules to get rid of the toxins.

Cooked foods are more difficult for the body to digest for this reason. The heat from cooking inactivates the enzymes in the food. When an individual’s diet is one hundred percent raw food, their body then has extra energy left over because it is not all spent on digestion.

What happens to that extra energy? It is spent on healing other parts of the body that have been neglected over the years.

Food to Consume

The raw food diet might seem extremely restrictive at first glance, but the possibilities are endless of what individuals can eat when following this diet. Juicing is probably one of the most popular raw food favorites. Juicing fruits and vegetables extracts the juices and leaves the fibers.

The most nutrients are found in the juice, so juicing is an excellent choice for raw food dieters. Another great food to consume is berries. Sometimes the shock of transitioning to raw food can leave a person feeling drained.

Berries are loaded with nutrients and can help circulate oxygen throughout the body, providing more energy. Essentially, individuals can eat anything on the raw diet provided it is safe to eat the food raw (this means no chicken).

This does, as is likely clear, mean individuals following this diet will eat a lot of fruits and vegetables after they’ve been thoroughly washed. Many also choose to consume nuts and seeds when following this diet.

Food to Avoid on the Raw Food Diet

The binding section of the enzyme is destroyed when it reaches forty-eight degrees Celsius or 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, once food is cooked, those enzymes lose their toxin-fighting power.

The number one rule of this diet is to refrain from eating any cooked food. This keeps the food alive and ready to heal. Another food to avoid is food processed in any way.

There are various ways companies process food. It is usually done to extend the shelf life and to make mass production easier. This is a great way to make groceries more affordable for consumers, however, the sacrifice is stripping away valuable nutrients from the food the body craves.

Chemical pesticides are another thing to avoid on the raw food diet. Look for organic foods that use natural pesticides like oregano instead.

Benefits and Side Effects of the Diet

The benefits and side effects of the raw food diet are quite remarkable. Many individuals testify to reversing severe diseases, while others report rapid weight loss. Because raw food is so easy to digest, individuals can expect multiple bowel movements daily.

Hunger pangs are also a common side effect in the beginning stages, as well as fatigue. These are just temporary, and they usually reside within the first couple of weeks.

The benefits certainly outweigh the side effects. As a matter of fact, after the body is used to the new diet, those same side effects reverse. Instead of feeling fatigue, individuals will feel energetic.

The multiple bowel movements, however, will continue. While this is normal, most individuals are not used to having more than one or two a day.

Ultimate Safety and Effectiveness of the Diet

The ultimate safety and effectiveness of the diet are undeniable. When individuals are eating natural foods with no chemicals, there are little to no risks. Unless they have allergies to certain foods, they can consume any food that grows from the ground.

Individuals who follow this diet also report overcoming long-term diseases, with negative test results as proof. The weight loss is inevitable when eating only raw food, since many are eliminated simply based on this criterion.

If individuals are going from an extremely liberal diet to the raw food diet, they should be sure to take it slow and pay attention to their body and transition gradually. If individuals do high impact workouts, they should be sure to include lots of fatty fruits and vegetables, like avocados, in their diet.

They should also keep in mind that although the raw food diet is healthy, it is just like anything else; it takes time.

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