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9 Alternative Methods and Techniques to Relieve Lower Back Pain

You can prevent and relieve lower back pain by applying these simple recommendations. Remember these tips from now on and say goodbye to back pain!

Acute low back pain is a very common condition today. It’s characterized by a feeling of tension and stiffness in the lower back.

Its onset is associated with poor posture, stress, and excessive physical activity. However, it can also occur as a symptom of a joint or muscle disease.

Those who suffer from this condition may have difficulties in their ability to move and may experience a continuous tingling or burning sensation.

Taking some types of conventional painkillers can reduce these symptoms.  Nonetheless, there are completely natural methods that provide relief without causing adverse effects.

Alternative Methods to Relieve Lower Back Pain

In this article, we want to reveal several alternative methods to relieve lower back pain. After all, anyone can experience it at any time.

Discover them below!

relieve lower back pain

1. Take care of your posture

Something as essential as taking care of your posture while walking or resting can significantly reduce continuous back pain.

When sitting down, it’s best to support your back, or check that it’s straight.

Should you do any activity that involves lifting a heavy object, you should keep your knees slightly bent to give you more back support.

This, among other things, improves performance during work tasks and, in fact, increases energy levels.

2. Do breathing exercises

Doing breathing exercises is one of the best habits to promote the proper oxygenation of body cells.

By breathing deeply, the organs receive an extra supply of oxygen, which improves the general feeling of well-being.

Inhaling and exhaling repeatedly has been shown to have positive effects in relieving severe pain such as in the lower back.

3. Adopt an exercise routine

While rest can help calm the pain when it’s too strong, practicing physical exercises daily and stretching can be helpful in reducing its recurrence.

Furthermore, it’s true that rest helps stressed muscles relax. However, it’s necessary to do simple movements to reduce stiffness in muscles and increase their strength.

It’s enough to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day doing simple activities such as walking, stretching or swimming. This latter exercise helps to work the muscles that protect the lower back.

4. Use cold and hot compresses

Applying hot and cold compresses is one of the oldest natural treatments for all types of muscular ailments.

Both temperatures improve blood circulation, exert an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce pain.

5. Control your weight

Being overweight or obese are two factors closely related to the recurrence of acute low back pain and joint difficulties.

This is because they make the body muscles work harder since these muscles have to carry more weight than they can handle.

The accumulation of fat, especially in the waist, is also an influential factor in acute low back pain.

Therefore, it’s essential to adopt a healthy diet and incorporate other habits that help get to an ideal weight.

6. Sleep well

A habit so simple (and necessary) as sleeping between 7 and 9 hours a day is a good remedy to relieve the tension that occurs in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

During the rest period, the muscles relax and an optimum oxygenation process takes place which helps to soothe any pain.

However, it’s also essential to make sure to sleep in a good posture, otherwise you could experience adverse effects.

7. Don’t smoke

The toxins contained in cigarettes decrease blood flow to the spine and, in more severe cases, accelerate the degeneration of the spinal discs.

Heavy and passive smokers are up to three times more likely to have recurrent back pain compared to those who are not exposed to cigarette smoke.

8. Use a tennis ball

An everyday item like a tennis ball can be used as a therapeutic ally to reduce tension in the lower back.

Simply put it on the floor and then lie down on it without putting too much pressure on your back. Use it to give yourself a gentle back massage.

After a few movements, this action will activate blood circulation in the area and you’ll feel a lot less sensitivity in the region.

9. Lift your legs up

Lifting your legs up is a simple relaxation technique that can help activate the circulation in both the lower back and lower parts of the body.

You should do this lying down, in a comfortable place, making sure that your back stays straight on some kind of support.

You can reduce and relieve lower back pain by applying these simple recommendations. Remember these tips from now on and say goodbye to back pain!

Via: StepToHealth

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