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The Best Natural Treatment for Gout and Joint Pain (Uric Acid Crystallization in Joints)

Some more known condition that affect a lot of people is gout and pain in the joints. There are people that go for supplements and over-the-counter medicine as a treatment for gout and joint pain.

But nevertheless many do not know is that there are many healthy remedies easily available which will help us in dealing with these conditions.

Besides being convenient and effective for the mentioned condition, natural ways also offer added health benefits to the body.

The Best Natural Treatment for Gout and Joint Pain

In this article we present to you a healthy treatment for gout and will show you how to stop the uric acid crystallization in joints. The one product you would always want to your grocery list is the cucumber.

Making a juice out of cucumber is great, it helps bringing down the temperature of the body. Besides the fact that cucumber is an effective alkalizing agent, the cucumber juice also removes the uric acid that has been crystallized in the joints and this usually happens in the case of gout.

When we start drinking and using this juice, it’s possible to feel slight pain. This is good sign because it means that healing is taking place. The pain that we start to feel happens when the old toxins, which soon will be removed are being stirred.

You might want to add some ginger and celery. They are also helpful in the reduction of inflammation when our body undergoes a cleansing process.

To prepare this natural treatment for gout you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 ribs of celery
  • 1 average sized cucumber
  • a slice of lemon
  • 1 inch young ginger root

You should make sure that you have prepared and acquired all the necessary ingredients. Wash and clean them, you could use some vegetable wash or wash them thoroughly.

First, make small cucumber pieces. Slice them so they can fit into your juicer. Consider your juicer’s capacity. Next is to check the rib of the celery. We need to make sure that we got rid of the dirt that has accumulated on it. After that, we will take the lemon and cut it into half. This is all what we need. Put the other half in the fridge. Lastly, get the ginger root and carve it out.

Enjoy in this drink, while dealing with the crystallized uric acid. Drink as often as needed.

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