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6 Home Remedies to Help You Treat Kidney Failure

Kidney failure, also known as renal insufficiency, basically means that your kidneys are unable to properly filter toxic substances out of your blood. While not all of its causes are known, it is known that there’s a relationship between protein consumption and cholesterol in the blood.

Today we’ll share with you a few natural remedies to help you treat kidney failure with foods, medicinal plants, and natural techniques that are quite effective.

Home remedies to treat kidney failure

1. Onion broth

Classic onion broth is an excellent way to treat kidney failure and other kidney problems. Because onions are diuretic and anti-inflammatory, they will help relieve most of the most common symptoms of these disorders.

For the broth to work, you will need to drink it on an empty stomach, a half hour before meals.

Onion broth will help detox your body, removing toxins and excess fluids.

2. Medicinal teas

Certain medicinal plants can be very helpful when it comes to improving kidney function:

  • Bearberry has the power to stimulate renal function. However, that’s also a reason to use it with caution.
  • Horsetail is rich in minerals, especially silicon. It has the ability to increase urine production and elimination, while also cleansing your urinary tract.
  • Dandelion is a powerful detoxifying plant for both your kidneys and your liver.
  • Mallow flowers are good for kidney and urinary tract problems.

3. Ginger poultice

Ginger is a very effective medicinal plant to help you treat kidney failure and many other illnesses and conditions. However, here we suggest a topical application in order to take advantage of its heating, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory powers.

  • First, prepare ginger tea.
  • Place a dry towel on your back, where your kidneys are located.
  • Soak another towel in the tea and then place it on top of the dry towel.
  • Take a third towel and cover everything, then let sit 5 minutes.

4. Cupping

Cupping is an ancient healing technique that involves producing a vacuum locally that will stimulate your body’s natural healing processes. It can give you immediate relief, but it can also serve as part of a long-term treatment.

For kidney failure, the cups are applied just above the area where your kidneys are located. Therefore, we recommend finding a qualified professional to perform it. Afterwards, you may notice circular marks that look like bruises. They will go away within a few days.

5. Sweating

If you want to improve your kidney function, you will need to get your body sweating. It’s a way of removing toxins and fluids from your body via your skin, and it’s natural, too — no medication needed.

  • One way of increasing your perspiration is to cover your body completely with towels or blankets.
  • No part of your body should feel cold, and there shouldn’t be any openings in the blankets to let in air
  • Stay like this for 45 minutes. You should sweat quite a bit and feel better.

6. Face your fears

While there are many factors that play into kidney function, your emotions may be one that you overlook. They affect your body, and when it comes to your kidneys, the emotion that has the biggest impact is fear.

Just like how anger affects your liver and sadness hurts your lungs, constant fear can trigger kidney problems over time.

It’s true that all of us feel fear at some point or another. However, when you’re constantly living in fear, especially when you haven’t learned to let it out properly, it can make you sick.

Therefore, if you suspect that fear may be affecting the health of your kidneys, we recommend seeing a professional. They’ll know how to help you live with more peace and relaxation.

Via: AllRemedies | TrueRemedies

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