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What are Nootropics? Benefits, Types and Uses

Nootropics have gained a lot of popularity lately. They are a hot trend in the health supplement industry. But do they really work? And, if yes, what are their benefits?

The short answer is yes, these herb extracts work as long as you include them in an overall balanced lifestyle. Let’s find out some more details about them.

What Do Nootropics Do?

Nootropics are substances that improve your brain performance and help you focus better while also making you feel more relaxed. These cognition enhancers work as memory-boosting compounds.

Although they don’t directly treat health conditions, they can alleviate certain symptoms and prevent numerous diseases due to their positive impact on your mental functions.

What Are the Benefits of Nootropics?

These so-called smart drugs can be purchased over-the-counter, and they come with a lot of benefits:

  • You will learn easier, and your short-term memory will improve;
  • Nootropics are said to protect brain cells and enable neuronal communication;
  • These products lower anxiety and stress and increase your resilience to trauma and stressful events;
  • So far, nobody complained about any side effects. Nootropics seem to be effective and safe;
  • Your reaction time will be quicker;
  • If you’re struggling with mental fog and mental fatigue, these supplements can help you tackle both of those issues.

What Health Issues Can They Aid or Prevent?

A wide range of people, including healthy individuals, can consume nootropics and enjoy their benefits. Doctors don’t prescribe nootropics as cures or treatments, but these natural supplements might help with a lot of health issues and their associated symptoms.

Nootropics can counteract the physical manifestations of several illnesses like ADHD and Alzheimer’s. Their compounds might prevent ischemic neuronal damages. Bacopa Monnieri can regulate blood pressure and treat mild stomach disorders. L-theanine might fight obesity.

What Are the Best Types of Nootropics?

The best, safest, and most effective types of nootropics are natural ones, sourced from herbal extracts and plants. Natural nootropics have powerful cognitive-improving effects, and a lot of people consume them to boost their creativity, increase their motivation, and help them learn new things easier.

There are also synthetic nootropics that are lab-made, but the safest ones remain those that are brought to us by nature. Here are some of the best types of nootropic ingredients that you should consider when purchasing this type of product or reading its label.

1. Ginseng

This is an ancient adaptogen herb that was frequently used in Chinese traditional medicine. It has light brown roots and green leaves. Its taste is a tad bitter.

The main varieties of Ginseng are Panax Ginseng, which is the Asian plant and Panax quinquefolius, which is the American version. Both of them have great benefits for your immunity.

2. Green Tea

Green tea leaves contain L-theanine, which is a popular and effective nootropic. It improves your sleep, promotes relaxation, and boosts your attention span.

Those who deal with high levels of anxiety can truly benefit from consuming this substance. It can even restore nerve cells due to its neuroprotective properties.

3. Rhodiola Rosea

If the nootropic you bought contains this ingredient, then your organism will thank you. It has antidepressive effects, and it lowers fatigue. Russians use Rhodiola Rosea to treat anxiety. This substance lowers stress, improves brain function, and it may even help you control diabetes-related problems.

4. Bacopa Monnieri

This herb is also known as Brahmi, and it is used by Ayurvedic practitioners. It grows in tropical environments, and it likes wet climates. This natural nootropic supports mental performance and lowers stress while also fighting against free radicals.

As long as you avoid an overdose and opt for natural and safe nootropics, you will reap these products’ benefits without having to deal with any side effects.

Healthy people can take these supplements. Although nootropics don’t cure illnesses, they can alleviate numerous symptoms and even prevent certain health conditions.

Via: MedicalNewsToday | WebMD

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