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White Mistletoe – Christmas Decoration and Potent Cure for Cancer

Mistletoe enhances the metabolism and affects the glands with internal secretion. Normalizes the blood flow, strengthens the heart beat and has diuretic action.

White mistletoe prevents all cardiovascular diseases and hormonal disorders. In recent times has been used in the fight against cancer.

Purifies the blood, removes deposits from the blood vessels and prevents arteriosclerosis. Improves the function of the entire lymphatic system.

White Mistletoe - Christmas Decoration and Potent Cure for Cancer

White mistletoe acts preventively and stop the symptoms of sclerosis and stroke, stops external and internal bleeding. Also it is good for menopausal symptoms.

Mistletoe as potent cancer treatment

Parasitic plant mistletoe (Viscum album) is a botanical analogue cancer in the human body. It is made using a special method of aqueous mistletoe with multiple hosts. It is used for the pre-cancerous and malignant disease states.

It seems to stimulate the immune response at the cellular level, as well as to selectively destroy the cancer cells.

Today some clinics in Europe, are applying mistletoe for the treatment of cancer, by stimulating the immune system, stabilizing the DNA, inhibits the growth of malignant tissue in the blood vessels and acts toxic directly to the cancerous cells.

All of this has been proven in cytological and animal experiments of the seventies and eighties. Essays on people, though fewer in number, have shown that mistletoe has a positive impact on improving the quality of life and survival of patients.

Research made in Germany, showed that the pure extract of viscotoxins has a positive effect on human granulocytes which destroy pathogenic cells.

This feature is important because conventional treatments destroy granulocytes, leading to the development of a variety of infections.

Pharmacological effects

Coronary and peripheral vasodilators (dilates arteries of the heart and facilitates its blood supply, also it is expanding the peripheral blood vessels), bradicardizant (slowed heart rate), hipotenzor (lowers the blood pressure), cardiotonic (tonic effect on the heart muscle), acts as a diuretic (promotes urination), antimitotic (anti-cancer).

Mistletoe has a positive effect on the thyroid gland. Acts as psychopharmacs, eliminates headaches, fatigue, hysteria. You can use only twigs and leaves from the tree because the berries are very poisonous.

Chemical composition:

The leaves and young branches of the mistletoe contain: triterpene saponins , oleanolic acid, acetyl – choline, inositol, viscin, viscotoxin, minerals, free aminoacids, polysaccharide , vitamins C and E.

How to consume mistletoe

Add a full teaspoon of dry mistletoe into a cup and pour 8 oz of cold water, cover the cup and let it stand over the night.

The next day, strain it and drink small sips over 5 to 6 minutes.

This tea should be consumed in a period of 6 weeks. In the first three weeks drink 3 cups of the tea per day, the next two weeks – two cups a day, at final week – one cup a day.

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