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Category: Diet & Weight Loss

Weight Loss Myths

10 Weight Loss Myths You Keep Falling For

All around the globe people bounce between diets struggling with their weight. Despite the numerous weight loss strategies and plans that can be found, yet the struggle continues.  Exercise and a diet that is balanced …
Eat More to Lose Weight

5 Signs You Need to Eat More to Lose Weight

Eating healthy and eating five meals a day doesn’t mean you’re going to lose weight. People believe they have to eat fewer calories to lose weight, basically meaning starving themselves. However, today you’ll learn some …
Perfect Ab Exercises

4 Perfect Ab Exercises You Can Do at Home

Having perfect abs is a dream that both men and women share. It’s also a sign of good health. Abdominal fat isn’t easy to eliminate, however, and that’s why it’s necessary to perform ab exercises …
Push-Up Routines for Beginners

8 Best Push-Up Routines for Beginners

Beginner at Push-Ups? No Problem: Try this guide to push-up routines. While you might think that push-up routines aren’t suitable for beginners, you can actually start doing push-ups from day one at the gym. How …